Hey there, first off i guess ill apologize in advance if I get off topic here, im kinda bad with my ADD or whatever.

So, if youre a follower of my main blog, i guess youll know im a pretty big family guy fan. What i havent been sharing however, is something i came across while rewatching the series last november.

Well, i guess the blog title gives that away, yea its a never before aired episode of Family Guy. No, this isnt some creepy pasta hidden episode that wasn only shown once at 3am where “everyone acted a little off”, this isnt some elaborate joke or prank, this isnt some stupid webcomic i wanted to do or whatever. i guess i dont expect people to believe my story but ehhhhhfslkdfls here it goes.

Seth Macfarlane has hidden an entire family guy episode within the series through an alternate reality game. This starts with season 2 episode 3, where Peter meets the giant chicken, and keeps going up until the most recent seasons first episode, which aired a while back. As for proof… well, yea this sounds fake i know blah blah but i cant really provide much proof. A lot of communication was done via a website that gave me direct contact with Seth MacFarlane, and part of the rules of this ARG specify that I am only allowed one person to help with the translations, and neither of us are allowed to reveal these web addresses, the process, what hidden things in episodes tipped us off, etc. Im only allowed to give hints and vaguely talk about what i did, in this post only. If Seth Macfarlane asks me to delete anything from this post that might implicate him, ill have to oblige. Why? Well because im such a huge family guy fan of course! Its not like its because a legally binding document forces me to or anything :X

What i can tell you is, it has something to do with the chicken fights. What the connection actually is or how youd figure it out is so stupid and impractical none of you will ever figure it out, not that it matters, the website is gone as of today. i know this sounds stupid as fuck so, let me tell you, you dont know the half of it, weve been working on this for a fucking year, and the end result was NOT fucking worth it. or well… technically not worth it.


Its not because its scary, if thats what youre thinking, no, im not vomiting in my sleep or crying blood after reading this.I havent committed suicide, Its not haunted, or whatever. like i said, we translated this from a million different bullshit cyphers languages, most of it from japanese, which is really hard to translate for! I had to do my own localization with that and make sure parts of this still “Echoed” the original material. It was a LOT of fucking work, especially since neither of us spoke japanese. Even then we still fucked up a little and what were left with is a very weird episode of Family guy. Like, part of me thinks this couldn’t air, due to semi obvious reasons (u will know when u get there) but, it definitely could, theyve shown worse stuff before, theres an episode where Stewie gets pregnant with Brians cum and has human puppy hybrid babies. Not joking. The only recompense is we were gifted a large sum of money for completing the ARG, like, a LARGE sum of money. 200 dollars isnt a lot of money, 2000 dollars isnt a lot of money, im talking about a LOT of fucking money, which is cool. The money is to keep us to sticking to the rules and not coming forward with anything that could actually prove this is real, and were both more than happy to keep that promise, considering were allowed to post the story for notes and i get to draw funny pictures for it.

So yea, im guessing if you ask Seth MacFarlane about this, hes going to play dumb about it. The end result like i said, isnt like, stomach churning or scary, it just doesnt make a lot of sense, part of that could be our fault but, seth looked over it, he gave us a “C+” on our translation, without really explaining what we got wrong, what we got right, the skeleton of the story should be there at least

Ill be updating this sporadically as i illustrate the pages

.Anyways hope you all enjoy, buh bye